Distribution Assemblies & Cable Reels

Distribution Assemblies & Cable Reels

The distribution assemblies can be broadly classified in categories as below.
  • Distribution boxes
  • Plug Socket Distribution Boards (PSDBs)
  • Power Distribution Boards (PDBs) & Temporary Distribution Boards (TDBs)
  • Industrial Cable Reels up to 50 metres cables
  • Junction Boxes & Terminal Junction Boxes
  • Interlocked Switches
  • Customized & Specialized Enclosures
These assemblies are available enclosure material such as --- ABS, Polycarbonate, CRCA, Stainless Steel, GRP, FRP & Aluminium & with both IP 44 and IP 67 protection.

The assemblies as a READY TO USE APPLICATION, where all accessories (like MCBs, Plugs Sockets, RCCBs, RCBOs, TERMINALS, BUS BARS, METERS, PUSH BUTTONS & LAMPS) are PRE WIRED, to give the customer a trouble free & economical solution for their requirements.
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