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Automatic Power Factor Controller Save energy, maintain power factor range to avoid penalties
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Power | Frequency | PF | VAR | 8/12/16 stage control Automatic power factor controller

Salient Features

Power factor controlling based on the capacitor bank switching history

Capacitor is automatically disabled when it is deteriorated beyond a certain level

Automatically learns the number of capacitors connected and the value.

Capacitance-based power factor correction takes care of variation in voltage and frequency.

Controlling based on VAR parameter and availability of built-in alarms

Flexibility for site programmability of CT ratio suitable for any load


Automobile industry

Cement Industry

Hospitals, commercial industries

Any manufacturing industry

Demand Controller

High-end multifunction meter for comprehensive energy management
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Modbus Register

Multifunction Meter | Load Manager | Import Export | Harmonics | Digital/Analog Input or Output | K-factor | BACnet | Energy Meter 

Salient Features

1 sec. update for demand makes the demand controlling very precise

Field programmable demand parameters kVA, kW, kVAR and Aavg

TOU/TOD based controlling. Individually programmable demand level

Maximum demand controller can forecast demand and cuts off load as maximum demand crosses preset value

Communication: MODBUS RTU, RS485, BACnet


Automatic connection or disconnection of Gensets connected to common bus.

Process management

Maximum demand control & management

Energy Accounting & Balancing

Power Factor Controller

Intelligent device to maintain the power factor in required range
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Modbus Register

Current | Voltage | Frequency | PF | VAR | 6/8/12 stage control

Salient Features

User programmable

Three phase sensing (it gives accurate measurement of PF

Automatic or manual control (manual control with power backup option)

Four quadrant operation

Optional RS485 communication interface


can work for any electrical Incomer

Fixed power factor corrections individual (e.g. motor, transformers, lighting, etc.)

Group fixed power factor correction (several equipments connected in a group)

Capacitor banks of tuned and detuned

Earth Leakage Relay

Detect the leakage current in an intelligent electrical device
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Modbus Register

Earth leakage current | Trip time |  CBCT |

Also read about prepaid meter

Salient Features

Inverse curve - Trip time to accomplish faster trip time for a higher leakage current.

High accuracy Earth Leakage Relay of class 2.0FS in industry

Programmable Earth Leakage Trip time from 100ms - 30s with password protection.

Continuous Display of Trip Leakage current (Programmable)

Wide selectable range of Earth leakage current from 30 mA – 30 A

Monitors and protects power systems from Earth Leakage Current


Protects life and property against overflow of leakage current

Protects motors / transformers / feeders / DG etc.,ensures reliable measurement and maximum safety

Complete protection for oil refineries, pulp industries, mining industry, electrical distribution & control engineering

Protects control panels and switch boards from earth leakage current

Energy & Process Monitor

Device to measure energy & process together
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Modbus Register

Real-Time Monitoring | Improve Productivity

Salient Features

Real time monitoring and reporting

Composite system with EMS and PEMS

Desired reports like, Doff wise, shift wise, count wise, production, energy, UKG

Speed Vs Kw curve, trends, bar graphs, comparisons

Alerts on higher UKG, lesser production, utilization & power fluctuations.

Maintenance alerts based on run hours production cost analysis - Cost Audits - Energy Audits


Energy savings will bring down operational cost & increases the plant efficiency

Scheduling of preventive maintenance

Higher productivity- Lesser downtime

Effective utilization of manpower and resources

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