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Split Core CT

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Cost Effective | Compact Design | Easy to Install

Salient Features

Split core CT allows installation without disconnecting cables or bus-bar circuits

Split core current transformer has a nominal rating from 5A to 1500A

Split core CT has an accuracy ±1% from 10% to 130% of full scale

Frequency Range of split core CT ranges 50 Hz to 400 Hz

Split core CT has shrouded core blades for protection during installation

Split core current transformers are ideal for retrofitting systems.


Split core CT are used for electrical load surveys & sub- metering

Split core CT are perfect solution for energy management, data logging & recording

Split core current transformer are designed for installation on branch circuits

Split core CT can be used in substation & Process industries for monitor & control.


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RS485 | USB | WiFi | Ethernet

Salient Features

USB 2.0 Compatible & 2kV isolation between USB and RS485

Self powered, & zero dependency on external power source

RS485 supports two wire industrial multi-drop communication up to 800 meters distance and 100 nodes

Auto baud rate detection, No programming required


Ideal for connecting serial RS485 devices to notebooks or PC’s through an available USB port

Data communication in Energy Management System / BMS

Perfect for controlling/diagnosing manufacturing machines(CNC, Process ControlEquipment, Barcode Scanners, Serial Printers)

Communicating with test and monitoring equipment.


A machine communication unicorn tailor made for Industrial IOT world
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RS485 | Ethernet | GPRS

Salient Features

Web browser for configuration with Account based secured access, unique login details.

Configuration of Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP Option

Completely isolated in both Rs485 and Rj45 side with configurable Rs485 baud rate, parity and stop bits

Optional storage up to 16GB, Built in RTC & One touch recovery (Factory reset configuration)

DHCP / Static IP support, LED indication for easy setup and troubleShooting


Gateway helps ling non-internet sensor and devices to the internet so that data, configuration and controlling can be made possible online.

It can work as bridge between Zigbee and GPRS for low cost installation.

Best usage with Energy Management System, Building Management System & Data Centres, etc.

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