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Automatic Transfer Switch

Seamless switching between sources for uninterrupted supply. Automatic Transfer Switch manufactures in India
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Overload Tripping Logic | Automatic DG Start/Stop | Fire/External Fault Trip | Safe and Rapid Switching | Automatic Transfer

Salient Features

Automatic start/stop operation of DG on mains failure

Overload tripping (optional) with inverse curve logic

Automatic transfer switch are provided with fire alarm / external fault trip feature

Inbuilt control switch for selecting auto/manual mode

Automatic transfer switch have high capacity to withstand short circuit

Optional RS485 communication and cloud


Monitor real-time system voltage and frequency

Monitor source healthiness and output for both Source

Wide range of motor operating voltage from 150VAC – 285V AC

Automatic transfer switch for commercial centers, manufacturing, medical facilities,and data centers.

Manual Transfer Switches

Cost-effective and Reliable power switching solutions.
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The MTS series offers you a safe, reliable and cost-effective way of switching power between your primary and secondary power sources, for a wide variety of non-critical applications with loads ranging from 63A up to 1600A. These are compact devices that have simplified wiring connections for easy installation, have high short-circuit withstand capacity, suit harsh environmental conditions and are free from maintenance. 

Salient Features

High short-circuit withstand capacity

Quick-make & quick-break operation for transferring of loads

Operating handle with provision to lock in ON/OFF position

Safest changeover during the failure of a primary source

Facilitate easy installation and simplified wiring connections

Rugged design to compact environmental conditions


Generator OEM’s

Commercial buildings

Automobile Industry & Manufacturing Industry

Power distribution and Load Management

Solenoid ATS

Seamless switching between sources for uninterrupted supply. Automatic Transfer Switch manufactures in India
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Overload Tripping Logic | Automatic DG Start/Stop | Fire/External Fault Trip | Safe and Rapid Switching | Automatic Transfer

Salient Features

ATS-W2H open transition switch are built for standard applications requiring the dependability and ease of operations.

Applications EB-DG,EB-EB,DG-DG and UPS-UPS

High End utilization category: AC33A/33B

Certified IECEE&CCC Certified to GB/T 14048.11.2008 and EN/IEC 60947-7-6-1 Automatic Transfer Switch

Optimal design of 63A through 250A driven by dual driving mechanism

RS-485 communication for Remote monitoring/controlling


Automobile Industry, Airport and Railways

Banking and Finance, IT, Malls & Commercial Buildings

Automatic transfer switch for commercial centers, manufacturing, medical facilities, and data centers.


Accl (Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter) For a seamless, uninterrupted changeover between power sources. Accl Changeover Switch manufacturers in India
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Modbus Register

ACCL | Automatic Source Changeover Current Limiter | Frequency | Energy 

Salient Features

Microcontroller based automatic source changeover with neutral isolation

Intelligent re-connection once trip has occurred due to either overvoltage or overload

Optional iACCL with Prepaid Metering feature can be given for DG side

Individual phase overload monitoring in 3 phase ACCL & overvoltage protection for DG

Power supply can be restored from sleep mode through MCB/Manual provision/ Mobile APP


ACCL perform intelligent tripping to save the age of the cables

Reduced wiring cost as single phase ACCL has separate control for power and lighting load

Automate power distribution, protect expensive equipment and prevent fatal risks

ACCL Logic for Currents up to 120 Amps is available

Prepaid Meter

Prepaid meter is a Single Device for electricity, gas and water measurement. Prepaid meter manufactures in India
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Modbus Register

Multifunction | Dual source | Over voltage/current cut off for protection | Post paid meter | Prepaid meter

Salient Features

User friendly contactless prepaid metering solution

Prepaid meter with LoRa helps you to make private network being independent of service provider

Integration of Gas & Water with the electrical parameters thereby, extending the flexibility for the user to budget expenses

Tripping of EB or DG consumption at pre-determined set point for protection & effective use of energy

Recharge your prepaid meter & have explicit view of energy usage & tariff rates from anywhere

Prepaid meter with LoRa supports long range communication up to 1kM radius


Shopping complex

Residential layouts / apartments


Employee quarters


Handy PQ analyzer for balanced loads.

NanoVIP® ONE™ is a modern power quality analyzer equipped with all the functions necessary for measuring and monitoring both electricity consumption and the main power quality parameters. It can be used on single-phase and three-phase balanced LV/MV networks as well as on DC systems.

  • Compact & lightweight:
  • Easily portable device with user-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective:
  • Fully-loaded product at attractive cost
  • Versatile:
  • Suitable for both maintenance engineers and professional auditors


Feature-rich and powerful PQ analyzer for balanced networks.

NanoVIP® TWO™ is an advanced device equipped with all the necessary functions for the monitoring of both electrical consumption and power quality. It can be used for a professional power quality analysis suitable on low and medium voltage single-phase, three-phase balanced networks.

  • User-friendly:
  • Intuitive interface with easy connections
  • Powerful:
  • Professional analysis suitable for the highest requirements
  • Long-lasting battery:
  • Over 24 hours with a single full charge


Feature-rich and powerful PQ analyzer for balanced networks.

NANOVIP® CUBE™ is a handy, compact and lightweight tool aimed both at those who want to operate on their systems and at professionals in the sector who need precise energy audits and detailed power quality analysis.

  • Class S Accuracy:
  • High level of accuracy for analytical power quality surveys
  • 4 Tariff Bands:
  • Tariff bands setting for TOD measurements and analysis
  • Energy audit:
  • A true energy audit tool


Power analyzer with remote control and cloud connectivity.

NanoVIP® CUBE WF™ adds the wifi connectivity feature to the powerful NanoVIP® CUBE™ features set, to allow the measured data to be shared through several connection options that best fit with the environmental conditions found on the measuring site.

NanoVIP® CUBE WF ™ can not only be remotely interrogated but also be controlled via its remote connection application NanoRemote™.

  • Advanced:
  • All features of NANOVIP® CUBE™ plus WiFi technology
  • Accessibility:
  • Connect, read and control remotely via WiFi
  • Cloud connectivity:
  • Send data directly to cloud and remotely monitor when no access to the site’s local network

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