MPCB from WEG Brazil

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers (MPCBs) from WEG Brazil combine motor control and protection in a single device and are used as protection devices for the main circuit. MPCB are fuse less installation and protect motors and equipment’s against short circuit, overload and phase failures.

TMP range of MPCBs are available in current range of 0.1amp to 100amp. These have been designed for use according to international standards and are CE certified and carry UL and CSA approvals.
Main Characteristics of MPCB Type TMP:
  • Overload protection-trip class 10
  • Phase failure sensitiveness
  • Disconnect function for safety isolation of the installation and the supply
  • Temperature compensation from-25...+60°C
  • Adjustable current setting for overload protection
  • Suitable for three phase and single phase application
  • Trip-free mechanism
  • Push button type/rotary handle type operating mechanism:
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