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Arc Guard System™ TVOC-2


Safety for your most valuable resources

The arc flash is one of the most dangerous incidents in electrical installations that could cause severe harm to people and equipment involved. When an arc flash occur, time until arc interruption is one of the most critical factors since it is directly proportional to the amount of energy released. The arc flash incident energy will in turn determine how much damage an arc flash will cause. ABB is a leader in electrical safety with the TVOC-2 Arc Guard System™ providing an unrivaled optical arc flash mitigation device with the fastest reaction time on the market. The TVOC-2 detects the light from an occurring arc flash and sends the signal to the breaker within 1 ms. Together with ABB’s Emax 2 circuit breaker the total arc fault clearing time is less than 50ms.

If the switchgear is likely to be exposed to strong light that could cause nuisance tripping of the TVOC-2, current can be added as a second condition. The current sensing unit CSU-2 is an accessory to the TVOC-2 which will identify the current increase associated with an arc flash.

Main benefits

  • Increased safety to personnel and equipment
  • Minimizes downtime after an arc accident
  • No calibration needed, ensures reliable function and quick installation
  • Can easily be expanded with up to 30 sensors to increase cabinet coverage from a single TVOC-2
  • Rogowski technology current sensors for fast and reliable installation

Main features

  • SIL-2 certified according to IEC 61508 and IEC 62061 ensures extremely reliable function
  • Modbus RTU communication protocol
  • Integrated in ABB ability TM EDCS
  • Available in EkipConnect 3 configuration tool
  • Together with CSU-2 both light and current are used for tripping in less than 2 ms
  • The CSU-2 informs the user of malfunctional current sensors

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